Saturday, January 10, 2009

Idea behind it

The idea of this festival hit me in December 2006. There have been programs where you are introduced to variety of organisms. Most of field trips are for bird watching. If you want to see tiger you have to go for long journeys.
Sanjay Gandhi NP is spread over 103 sqkm. There is published record of 147 species of butterflies from the area of which I have seen 130. According to me Yeoor and Nagla block are butterfly hot spots in the area.
Among insects, butterflies are the MOST conspicuous creepy crawly fliers. So I thought lets make people aware of these beauties flying around them.
Therefore I conducted trails on four Sundays in 2007 on behalf of HOPE Thane. The response was not over whelming but was surely a success. Maithili, Omkar, Kedar, Vrushal, all of them fresh college grads attended four Sundays. Now its second year since then, they always call me on Saturday evening about Sundays outing and try to make for it.

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