Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yeoor and Nagla according to me are butterfly hotspots near Mumbai. It may be difficult to see 120 species in one season. But the count can be surely near or cross 70 species in a day!!!!! During butterfly festival 2007 we spent entire Sunday 4 March 2007 in Yeoor and had a great wash of colors from 70 species. We were happy to play 'holi' with them instead humans.
The species you might encounter on any 'puddling' Sunday are like Tawny rajah Charaxes bernardus, Black rajah Charaxes solon, common emigrant Catopsilla pomonaf emale catilla form, common wandere Pareronia valeria female philomela form, Gaudy baron Euthalia lubentina - possibly the most elegent species of the area, Peacock royal Tajuria cippus, rare White tufted royal Pratapa deva, Monkey puzzle Rathinda amor, a uncommon Silverstreak blue Iraota timeleon etc etc.


  1. Hi Amol,

    Just happened to visit your blog from your post on IndiaMike.com . I found the idea of a butterfly festival very interesting. Would like to join you sometime.Incidentally, I am also from Thane, and have had some wonderful times at Yeoor as a kid when it was less developed and more serene. Also, since you seem to be connected with Thane college, would you happen to know Dr. Vijaya Srinivasan? she was, till recently a Zoology prof at khalsa college. She happens to be my aunt and my interest in wildlife was first stimulated by her.

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  3. It's really great to know that it is possible to spot over 70 species in a day. the most I've managed in Goa is about 20-25 in a day.